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LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? let my lens tell your story.

If you want to see more recent works, browse my portfolio.

I have been experimenting with time lapse lately. Check out my videos in the portfolio. There are some stories that can only be told through movement.

Smoke, milk, coffee, clouds... 

There is art in everyday life and most people overlook it.  I like to draw attention to these things.

I am planning on starting aerial photography as soon as I get my drone.  I am excited to start this new part of my career.

With the proliferation of unmanned aircraft imminent, I plan to utilize this technology to move my camera and my mind's eye to the sky.

I have been a professional photographer for over fifteen years. I love seeing something that everyone sees and framing it in a way that lets people view how I see it.  Photography is fascinating to me because everyone would solve the problem in their own way and create something completely unique.

Fine Art




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creekside Motocross